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Fast Service, Maximum Quality, Minimum Cost

Along with our skilled and experienced team, we are able to answer all your enquiries and meet your requirements for your projects as a member of your team!

Mold and Part Design

With our experienced and target oriented technical team, we are able to design molds and parts for your projects. After customer shares 3D model of raw parts, the model is reviewed by our team and designed for molding and production. After that, simulation process is done. And if everything is suitable, designed data is shared with customer for approval before production.

Mold Production

After controls, reviews and approvals, mold is machined with precious CNC machines with high care. Along with CNC machining, wire erosion, sinking erosion and other related processes are done by us.

Prototype Production

Before serial production, prototype production is done from either serial production mold or prototype mold. This phase is done according to customer request. In addition to plastic injection prototype process, we can also outsource 3D printing prototype production.

Serial Production

After prototypes are approved by customer, serial production starts. We are able to use all raw materials that is suitable for plastic injection production. We can use different kind of colors according to customer request. We have flexible and fast production.We can manufacture both small and big volumes.


We Are

Our story has begun in 2018, to become fast, reliable, attached to high quality and low cost cost plastic injection molds and parts supplier for our customers. We are able to meet our customers' requirements from design phase to completely finished plastic parts with inhouse capabilities. We are fully ready and capable to overcome all challenges with our experienced and target oriented team.

Our Approach

Fast and flexible production volumes for both mold production or serial production

Serving our customers as low cost solution supplier with high quality parts

Answer our customers' requirements as a member of their team with our experienced team


Cenar Plastic Parts and Injection Molds

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Tel: +90 5414281928

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